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Definition of Ad Units Available

Banner: All text and graphics stay within ad banner.

Button: Rectangular ad space of 120 x 30, 120 x 60 or 120 x 90 pixel or
square ad space of 125 x 125 pixel.

Company Data: Full address, product range exported and/or imported,
international contacts requested, international staff and list of meetings
that will be attended by the advertiser.

Company Profile: Text-ad of 120-150 words plus 1 photo.

Expandable Banner: Ad expands beyond its original size at any time by simply mousing over the banner, i.e.
if the user mouses over the 728 x 45 or 758 x 45 pixel banner, it expands to 728 or 758 x 90 pixel;
if the user mouses off the ad, the banner retracts to its original size, but the expandable part of the banner
will appear any time the user mouses over the original banner.

Leaderboard: Ad of 728 x 90 pixel that appears above header of the Home Page.

Product Information: Descriptive-ad of 120-150 words plus 1 photo.

Skyscraper: Skyscraper ads, which are tall and narrow, get their name from the tall buildings.
The standard skyscraper is 120 x 600 pixel.

Transition Ad Before-the-Home Page: Full-page ad that appears over the page upon site entry.
Prior approval required for all transition ads.

Transition Ad Between-the-Page: Full-page ad that appears between pages during user navigation.
Prior approval required for all transition ad.