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2 - For US$ 150 subscribe to all our B2B Informative Services
that give you an access to all information posted in our website
in the format that is most convenient for your use and much, much more.


According to this special introductory offer, for an annual fee of US$ 150 we shall credit your account with US$ 150 worth of free usage…


during one year you will be entitled to a 25% discount on the total value of information requested, resulting from our Rate Card enclosed.

All our B2B Informative Services are designed for the international dental trade providing marketing data, market information and special information about the manufacturers, exporters, importers, wholesalers and dealers from all over the world. Included is their basic company data, the names of their key management personnel, their product range, channels of distribution, etc.

They also provide information about the companies seeking or offering international contacts and indicates whether they wish to sell their products directly, find agents or distributors, participate in direct investment opportunities, joint ventures or licensing arrangements, or which product lines they would like to represent or distribute.

Special information is also available. Market information includes, for example, dental faculties, dental schools, schools for leading dental technicians, and scientific and professional associations.


Our sources of information are market research, mailed questionnaires, personal interviews, telephone contacts, trade shows and conventions, their guides to technical exhibits, catalogs, trade directories, dental guides, dental magazines, trade associations, Yellow Pages, telephone directories, fax directories, surveys, economical studies, statistics, etc., evaluated by a serious team.The content of our files changes 20-30% per year. We revise and update them monthly, but 4-7% of our information is out of date the day you receive it (as reference: the telephone directories are 5-10% out of date the day they are printed). Every effort has been made to make them as complete and as accurate as possible. However, if you buy our mailing labels we will refund your postage for any undeliverable mail within 90 days of our invoice date.


Our informative services are available on 169 countries in three different formats, so you can order the information requested in the format that is most convenient for your use. It may be ordered by country or by city at no additional charge. Nevertheless we can provide any sequence you desire.

1- On Mailing Labels, for your direct mail campaign. Standard-size labels are printed three-up.

2- On Writing Paper, for sales planning, telemarketing, etc.

3- On CD-Rom, for market research, distribution analysis, sales planning, telemarketing, planning sales itineraries, direct mail campaigns...and more, allowing unlimited use, as addition, correction or deletion of individual records and/or fields.


Our Prices Are More Than Reasonable Ones!

Contact us with your requirements. The final charges are based on 4 factors: the kind of file ordered, the number of records, the number of fields of each record and the format requested. Special information is also available upon request.

Rate Card: the below listed field charges will be applied:

Company 0.12
Street, P.O.Box 0.12
City, State, Zip 0.12
Country 0.12
Telephone Number 0.30
Fax Number 0.30
E-Mail Address 5.00
Website Address 1.00
Owner/ Partner 0.12
President/Managing Director 0.12
Vice President 0.12
General Manager 0.12
National Marketing Manager 0.12
National Sales Manager 0.12
Technical Services/ Production Manager 0.12
Customer Services Manager 0.12
Shipping And Receiving Manager 0.12
Export Manager 0.12
International Marketing Manager 0.12
Export Area Manager 0.12
Paid Capital 0.10
Year Established 0.10
Number Of Employees 0.10
Company Activity 0.12
Main Activity 0.12
Main Market (Domestic Or International) 0.10
Product Range Imported 1.00
Channels Of Distribution 0.10
Product Range Exported 1.00
Main Export Areas 0.10
Percentage Of Export 0.10
Value Of Export 0.10
International Contacts Requested 1.00

3.- Minimum order: US$ 250;

4.- Payment with your order is required;

5.- If you prefer, we can ship your order by courier for faster delivery with an extra charge. In this case you have to deal with shipping charges;

6.- Payment has to be made by check or wire transfer, as per your choice and per invoice instructions;

7.- The subscription entitles you to a multiple use of information, but it may not be published and/or resold or otherwise provided to a third party without our written approval.


For more information contact us at


B2B Informative Services Subscription Form

To sign up, complete the enclosed Subscription Form and send it with your payment.



Please enter my annual subscription to
SUVISON B2B Informative Services
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According to your special introductory offer and the Terms & Conditions enclosed, for an annual fee of US$ 150 I shall credit my account with US$ 150 worth of free usage. Plus, as a subscriber, I will be entitled to a 25% discount on the total value of information requested, resulting from the rate card enclosed, during one year.


B2B Informative Services:



1.- If your choice is the payment by check or by wire transfer,
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B2B Informative Services Subscription Form;

2.- Enclose a check for US$ 150 payable to Suvison S.R.L. - Only
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in name of SUVISON S.R.L.,
c/o UNICREDIT, Agency 36010,
Piazza Gentile da Fabriano, 11 - 00196 Rome (RM)

3.- Mail your B2B Informative Services Subscription Form and payment to
Via Gaetano Donizetti, 20 - 00198 Rome, ITALY

4.- The subscription will not be serviced until the payment is received.

B2B Informative Services Subscription Form

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