Booth Rates

Standard Space: US$/sqm 590 (raw space) + US$ 270/sqm (extended basic set-up)
Corner Space: US$/sqm 611 (raw space) + US$ 270/sqm (extended basic set-up)

12 sqm = US$ 10,302.00 with extended basic set-up (EXTENDED BASIC SET-UP MANDATORY)
Corner Space: 15 sqm = US$ 9,165.00 - Without extended basic set-up or with extended basic set-tup: US$ 13,215.00

Booth Sizes Available

12 sqm (minimum size) - 15 sqm - 16 sqm - 20 sqm - 24 sqm - 28 sqm - 30 sqm - 32 sqm - 36 sqm - 40 sqm

Booth Fee
payble in different installments per invoices.

Booth Rental Procedure

No reservations are taken to rent the booth.
The email confirmation to sp2019@suvison.com has to include:
  • full company data with telephne, fax and Skype address
  • booth size and type requested and two location choices (first and second preferences)
    Floor plan available

Upon email received as above, the exhibitor will receive the completed application form to be signed and send back.
Only then the booth assignement is finalized and the invoices issued.